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Shooting in Connecticut school, Around 30 people killed including 18-20 children

30 people were killed in Connecticut shooting including 18-20 children and the school principal A 20 year old identified as Ryan Lanza's brother Adam Lanza resident of new jersey opened fire on children who were 5 to 10 year old in Sandy hook elementary school in New town, Connecticut,  United States. Previously Ryan was accused by mistake later his brother Adam lanza is confirmed as the shooter. A total of 30 people injured including 18-20 children, The school's Principal, Psychologist etc. Shooter was killed by the police and 2 handguns were recovered near him.  Victims said that at least 100 rounds were fired by the shooter. he was wearing bullet proof vests and masks while shooting. he was seen armed with more weapons including a 223 caliber.  Moreover the police found a body while searching the shooter's home. U.S media said that the shooter also killed his parents before going to school. Reporters said that he is related to a student in that school and the reaso

Geminid meteor shower 2012 can be seen on DEC 13th and DEC 14th

                                       Geminid meteor shower 2012 is predicted on this month 13th and 14th. NASA reported that Geminid meteor shower are sighted over recent centuries and it was first sighted in 1830s. the name geminid is derived from the constellation Gemini which is roughly located in the night sky near the origin of geminid meteor shower. It is also reported that the geminid's radiant peak would be high at 2 am according to the US Washington time. In 1830's the rate of fall per hour is 20 while in recent decades the rates have increased  between 80 and 120 per hour at its peak on a clear evening. Recently predicted meteor showers failed. But scientists and astronomers believe that this time it would occur for sure. lets hope for a better shower this week.

Romani people were originated from North west india said by researchers

Image source :                                                                 Researchers and biologists found that the origins of Romani people are from north west of India and recent studies maximizes the possibilities. they suggest that a mass population of them migrated from India to Europe 1500 years ago. They conducted a research on 13 of the romani groups residing in Europe and compared the segments of their genome with north west Indians and confirmed the match. the researchers said that they are going to include more Romani groups and more Indian causalities to examine the possibilities of their existence in India  Since the DNA tests are more accurate form of confirmations they believe the fact that most of the romani people are migrated from India and not from European countries though they are waxed with those regions by mixed marriages 900 years ago. "In our study, we do not focus on specific regions of the genome, but on the genome as a whole, w

26/11 Mumbai attack 4th year anniversary

                                                                                               My deep condolences to all those people who lost their lives and their families on the terrific mumbai attack. Four years back, we had lost our beloved ones to the bullets and bombs fired by  those terrorist groups based in pakistan. Since then we had to bear the unbearable pain of inhuman things happened to us. Its injustice,Its inhuman and its highly intolerable. we didn't made any mistakes but we had to shed innocent's lives. we didn't hurt anybody but we are made to bear that pain. I dont know why these terrorist groups wants to kill innocent people and call themselves courageous. why dont they even dare to fight against an army if they are fight for a holy war. Atlast, I am little bit satisfied by the hanging of Kasab. But hurted a lot when Amnesty international opposed hanging him. Do these human rights commission really cared about human lives or they just cared about pub

Mitticool Refrigerator - An Indian Invention which runs without electricity

Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati  was born in gujarat. He was a traditional potter and was a popular rural innovator. who is well known for his innovative refrigerator called "Mitticool Refrigerator". Yeah you have been well known about the idea behind this refrigerator. The refrigerator is working without electricity. And its quite cheap as it is the most simplest and efficient form of refrigeration. It can preserve the fruits, eggs etc fresh for more than three days. It is made from a special form of clay and its environment friendly too. It will eliminate the potential environmental and pollution hazards. M.R. Prajapati now holds the patent for the mitticool invention along with several awards. Mitticool was featured in centre for india and global business, Judge business school, university of cambridge. Bosch and siemens hausgerate was shown interest to buy this product. The Forbes magazine listed him the most powerful rural entrepreneur in 2010. Pressure cooker, water

So you dont get a job yet! Read this

Are you getting tired of searching for job. The following things may/ maynot  happened to you You send/forward your resume to your friends, relatives, H.Rs, MNCs and didn't get any replies yet. You applied for tons and tons of companies via monster, naukri, and didn't get a single response from the companies. You attended for a bunch of job fairs and they told you that they would mail you soon. but they didn't. You are regularly attending walkins and they offering you very less salary or scammed by training cum placement consultancies. At last you went to the companies and industries straight and they told you that you are under qualified or overqualified or experience required. So, what the hell is going on. Just you are the people to decide what to do next? Think about it. Why do you need a professional job? If your answer is Money. Let me ask you a question. Does Job is the only source of income. No, Its definitely not. There are various sources of i

Review of Sivakarthikeyan's Manam Kothi Paravai

Rating 3.0/5.0 Storyline: Kannan(Sivakarthikeyan) enters his village from abroad. His friends frightened and ran away after seeing him. After he reaches his home the story starts as flashback. Revathi(Athmiya) is the friend and neighbour since the childhood. he fell on love with her. Siva's father was a contractor and he deals the project of revathi's father. since kannan and revathi are neighbours both of their families are so close. siva narrates fake stories to his friends how revathi loves him. his friends also believe those stories as they seem to be true. At a stage revathi's father arranges marriage to her. Siva become upset after knowing it. He approaches her about his love but she refuses to accept it. At that time his bombay friends came. They kidnap her with kannan who was fully drunken. What happens next is the story.  Super star of T.V shows Sivakarthikeyan rocks in the silverscreen also. He easily adapted himself with the new team. He opt the story 100 pe

Basketball match tickets are available on Website

Are you a die hard fan of Basket ball game? If yes, then you should definitely check out the ticket america site soon. has basketball events, information, maps and seating charts for Air Force Academy Falcons, BYU Cougars, Colorado State University Rams tickets. To get tickets for the forthcoming and most exciting basketball matches. Goto the following links. To get Air Force academy falcons mens basket ball match tickets click the following link air force academy falcons mens basketball tickets To get BYU cougars mens basket ball match tickets click the following link byu cougars mens basketball tickets To get Colorado state university mens basket ball match tickets click the following link colorado state university rams mens basketball tickets Folks, Try to get the tickets soon. Otherwise, they may be grabbed by someone else. Have a blast and celebrate with your favourite team on the stadium.

Venus going to pass between Sun and Earth on June 5th to 6th - The Transit of Venus

Venus Transit - 5th june 2012 On June 5,6 2012, The Planet Venus is going to pass between the sun and the earth. Which can be seen from most part of the earth. It will not happen again until 2117( almost until 105 years). The most recent Venus transits are dated as follows december 7,1631 , december 4,1639, june 6,1761, june 3, 1769, december 9, 1874, december 6, 1882, june 8, 2004. NASA is planning to celebrate the event as "Shadows of the Sun" - The Transit of Venus. Since it is an important event in the astronomical history,  People from all aroung the world are eager to watch it. The venus transit is visibe to a protected naked eye. The venus transit time is estimated as 6 hours and 40 minutes by NASA. Many Institutions and organisations arranged events on that special event. Nasa also collaborated to different organisations around the globe to celebrate "Shadows of the Sun" In India,  arranged an event that people from all over

Dedicated , Colocation Server Spaces in Chennai

Hi, Everybody, Now I am going to share some information about dedicated hosting offered in chennai. Different Providers offering different types of hosting plans. If it comes to dedicated hosting, Only a few players are here to help us. I am talking here about the service providers and not about those affiliates. Some of the service providers are 1) VSNL yes the well known internet service proviser VSNL now offering dedicated, shared, colocated services at its chennai premises. 2) Bharti Airtel India's No 1 Telecom operator Airtel now offering cloud, dedicated, colocated services in chennai. 3) Reliance Reliance communications now partners with other companies and offering all the type of hosting services according to the business needs. Its provide its services in chennai also. 4) Others are such as netmagic solutions, net4 etc. But they are providing limited services. Unfortunately BSNL is not providing these services in chennai. but they provide these servic

IPL Players, Actresses arrested for taking drugs

2 IPL players and cinema actressess have been arrested. more than 60 youths were arrested in a hotel. Police says they are arrested followed by a complaint and then found some of them taken drugs, actresses and ipl players are undergone for tests to find out whether they consumed drugs or not. 

Free Electronic Product Samples / Components For India

Texas Instruments offering samples in a wide area of electronics. They provide you products such semiconductors, ic's, sensors, microprocessors, microcontrollers, etc. Most of them can be brand new and introductory items to the entire world. If you are an entusiasist in electronics, student doing innovative project, industry implementing new technologies. You are the right person to get those samples for absolutely free. All you need to do is 1) go to their website 2) Signup for an account in my.ti (It is recommended to give proper shipping addresses with real , full name with initials in order to receive the samples without any conflicts.) 3) Browse various products using their simple and customized search. 4) Add those free samples you require or love to try. 5) Then submit the cart. fill up once again. if it is prompted for confirmation or address. simply accept and give the shipping address. Thats all you will get those samples delivered to you within

Sachin's 100th 100

Atlast Sachin scored his hundreth hundred. The most expected thing of the indian hearts atlast occured against Bangladesh. Sachin scored a total of 51 hundreds in test and 49 hundreds in ODIs. People from all over india thanked and congratulated him for his achievement. The first person to congratulate him was the prime minister of india - Mr manmohan singh. Most of the indian actors, actresses and celebrities wished him. India's well known celebrity Amitabh Bachan said that here after india will breath normally. Sachin said " no one is talked about the 99th hundred and the 100th hundred is a media creation andso i am not bothered about that." The 38 old cricketer begun his career from 1989. Since the beginning of his career sachin dared to do things that others afraid to. He made almost all type of records in cricket. Some people criticises sachin for not scoring the ton of ton. But they dont realise that though sachin didn't bring hundreds in the past year. he

How to test a rs232 device using hyperterminal

To understand the concept of  rs232 communication it is better to start with hyperterminal or any other terminal program. Connect your device to the rs232 port of your computer. if your computer doesn't have a rs232 port. then you can use a usb to rs232 converter to use it via usb. then start hyperterminal program in windows xp. You can start it from start > programs > accessories > communications > hyperterminal. it will ask you for basic settings such as name, port, etc fill them and proceed then in the properties you have to change the setting according to your device specification. most of the devices came with a default baud rate 9600bps. if your device is different then change the baud rate, parity, stop bit, etc according to the device manual. then connect to the device by clicking connect button. click the capture text from transfer menu and then give it a file name such as kathirblog.txt then your device sends data to hyperterminal and displayed in th

Mikroelektronika - for electronic hobbyists to innovators

Mikroelektronika - The perfect platform for innovation This is not a promotional post. Its just a personal opinion of mine. Yes, I am using mikroelektronika's development tools. I am a fan of mikroc compiler (mikroc pro for pic). I have been using it for the past couple of months. Since i started to using it. i am amazed by its plenty of libraries (for almost all the commonly used electronic devices and microcontrollers). At the start of my projects i struggled with the registers of my microcontroller. But when i post my code and my problem in their forum. I get instant solutions regarding the changes in my code and the circuits. and then i dared to do new things daily with their products. Their support team doing awesome job by solving and responding to user queries. Though my questions are silly since i am a beginner, their team responded to my queries very humbly and constructively Their support team greatness can be understand by the following incident. a few days ago, i a

How to interface a 16*4 LCD with PIC18F452 with codes

Over the past week I am puzzled that how to interface a lcd with pic18f452 microcontroller atlast i got it working Softwares Used 1. mikroc for pic pro 2. proteus vsm simulator (demo version) Hardwares Used 1. 16*4 LCD 2. PIC18F452 3. 8Mhz Crystal Oscillator 4. and resistors, capacitors, power supply etc. The Following is the schematic The Following is the working code LCD sbit Lcd_RS at RA0_bit; sbit Lcd_EN at RA2_bit; sbit Lcd_D7 at RB7_bit; sbit Lcd_D6 at RB6_bit; sbit Lcd_D5 at RB5_bit; sbit Lcd_D4 at RB4_bit; sbit Lcd_D3 at RB3_bit; sbit Lcd_D2 at RB2_bit; sbit Lcd_D1 at RB1_bit; sbit Lcd_D0 at RB0_bit; sbit Lcd_RS_Direction at TRISA0_bit; sbit Lcd_EN_Direction at TRISA2_bit; sbit Lcd_D7_Direction at TRISB7_bit; sbit Lcd_D6_Direction at TRISB6_bit; sbit Lcd_D5_Direction at TRISB5_bit; sbit Lcd_D4_Direction at TRISB4_bit; sbit Lcd_D3_Direction at TRISB3_bit; sbit Lcd_D2_Direction at TRISB2_bit; sbit Lcd_D1_Direction at TRISB1_bit; sbit Lcd_D0_Direction at TRISB0

Solar Ahmed came to coimbatore for anti corruption campaign

Ahmed who is fondly called as solar ahmed arrives coimbatore today. Ahmed was a bangalore resident. He joined in the anti corruption movement since Anna Hazare started it. He is an active volunteer in movements such as anti corruption and anti pollution or go green movements. He decided to travel throughout the South India to spread the awareness on corruption and pollution. So he travelling throughout the south india with a solar powered car to demonstrate the need of the green energy. Today he reached coimbatore with the solar powered car and distributed some notices stating Ban Corruption, Ban Pollution. Ahmed says " I am very much comfortable when people call me Solar Ahmed, This idea came to my mind and i said to my friends. They all appreciated me and supported me. The credits should go to my friends and well wishers. thank you.". Solar Ahmed is returning back to Bangalore, Karnataka after visiting salem and other nearby cities.

Chennai Rhinos won the cup in ccl 2

Chennai Rhinos v Karnataka Bulldozers Celebrity Cricket League 2011/12 (Final) Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad on 12th February 2012 (20-over match)                Chennai rhinos won the cup for the second time continually in celebrity cricket league. The game went very funny and lasts long till the last ball of the match. Vikranth made a wonderful tribute to the game. He batted well and helped Chennai to secure a huge score. Shiva bowled well and got two wickets helped to control the Karnataka players. Karnataka players made their best game and lost for 1 run. As expected dhruva played well. But he didn’t lasts long to win the match. Vikranth of Chennai and dhruva of Karnataka got their 50. Atlast man of the match was given to vikrant of Chennai rhinos team. Man of the Match: Vikranth Highlights --> Vikranth 50 in 34 balls with 8 fours and 1 six --> Dhruva 50 in 39 balls with 7 fours --> J Karthik 50 in 42 balls with 3 fours --> Vishnu ret

How to get free sms from facebook

Hi, you can receive Facebook updates via SMS or update your status via SMS. Want to know how. Just follow the steps below. 1) Log in into your Facebook account 2) Click on account and choose account settings. 3) Click the mobile tab which is 4th from left 4) It displays a hyperlink displaying " Register For Facebook Text Messages", Click it. 5)It will ask your country and your mobile carrier. Fill it up and click next to proceed. 6)Then it will ask you to send sms to a number or enter confirmation code sent to your mobile. It is according to your country. Follow the instructions. 7) Thats all you are registered with facebook sms service 8) Share it if you like

Kanchi Pallavan Engg College Students met with accident

   Kanchi Pallavan Engineering College is located near Kanchipuram. Most of the students studying in that college are day scholars. They often used to travel by the college bus to reach the college. Today the college bus from ARCOT picking up more than 30 students met with an accident. Sources said that when the bus crossing a bridge, It losses stability due to poor road conditions. And the sudden braking in that road made the bus out of control. The Bus fell into the near by riverside upside down. According to the reports more than 20 students where severely injured and some of the students are in severe condition., The college authorities admitted the students in Christian Medical College located in Vellore. The Students of the college wish their colleagues to get well soon. College is closed for this entire week. We also pray for them to get well soon.

Wipro - Anna University Off Campus

Anna University, Chennai is organizing Tamil Nadu State Level Placement Programme (TNSLPP) 2011-12, for the Present Final Year (2012 Passing Out) Students studying in Self Financing Engineering Colleges of Tamil Nadu. Wipro Technologies, has kindly agreed to participate in this Placement Programme during 7th & 8th February 2012. Centre for University Industry Collaboration, Anna University Chennai is conducting this programme at P.S.N.A. College of Engineering & Technology, Kothandaraman Nagar, Dindigul - 624 622 for the 2012 Passing Out Students. The final year students of B.E. / B.Tech. (CSE, ECE, EEE, EIE, ICE & IT) with an average of 8.0 and above (No Standing Arrears) from I Semester to VII Semester are eligible to participate. It is mandatory that all the students should secure an average of 70% and above marks consistently from 10th Std. and 12th Std. It is requested that the Principal / Placement Officers of the College should verify the marks of the st

Get rs 100 recharge on airtel

Today I came to know about getting rs 100 of talktime free on airtel. Over a long time i had tested the tricks or offers for gprs, talktime, and ratecutter plans. Most of them failed athough a few tricks succeed. I had gain a lot and also loose a lot. Ok, Now i tell you how to get recharge of rs100 from airtel dial *566*6# you will get a coupon immediately ensuring that you are eligible for free recharge of rs 100. My friends tried and got 100rs recharge. But i didn't get. What about you guys to try it once. If you got 100rs just say thanks to airtel. Or Dont blame me or curse me because i cannot assure that it works for all airtel mobile numbers.

E - learning sites The above five sites consists of resources such as online tutorials, how to s , and video tutorials make use of it

Bullz job fair is unfair

Bullz job fair is conducted yesterday (21.1.12) at Govt arts college in Chennai. Engineering students in Bullz Job Fair 2012 held at nandhanam arts & science college   Engineering students of Chennai and nearby cities such as Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, etc. attended the Job fair held at Nandhanam arts college conducted by bullitservices. Almost twenty thousand students attended the job fair with their resumes, certificates and the job fair token. The students expected 30+ companies. But they actually arranged 20+ companies only. When they entered the YMCA stadium they got frustrated seeing thousands of students waiting in a queue for the registration in the job fair. The company arranged only three persons for the registration of thousand students. When the situation is beyond their control they terminated the registration process and told the students that registration is closed. All of them started arguing with the company arranged the job fair. Atlast all of them gave up an

Micro Web Servers

PIC web server kits are sold for very low cost. Those who want to test drive them can bought them as low as 3000rs. Running your own web page from your own micro server is little bit astonishing isn't it? Though the web server can hold a too little limited space. It can host some buttons with some text. you can use that web page for remote controlling of electronic appliances connected to the web server. Components needed for web server PIC 18F series Ethernet board you can find the specs here All prices are in US dollars. Digi-Key Part Number ENC28J60/SS-ND Price Break Unit Price Extended Price 1 3.56000 3.56 10 2.79000 27.90 25 2.56000 64.00 100 2.32000 232.00 Quantity Available 2,090 Manufacturer Microchip Technology Manufacturer Part Number ENC28J60/SS Description IC ETHERNET CTRL 8K W/SPI 28SSOP Lead Free Status / RoHS Status Lead free / RoHS Compliant

Jobs via Mobile

Getting frustrated on searching for job. No need to worry. you can use job search engines like  or subscribe to this job alerts via mobile. To subscribe jobs via mobile just type andrilin and send it to 9870807070. and confirm again via mobile. Thats all now you are subscribed to the job alerts and informed about the job vacancies daily. To subscribe jobs via mail, Go to  and enter your email address then click subscribe. Thats it you are subscribed to jobs via mail or try the online search

Access points for different operators

For connecting to the internet via mobile phone you need to configure the mobile phone access point and the extrainitialisation commands equal and appropriate to the handset model and network operator. Here are some of the access point of different operators 1) For Airtel - 2) For Aircel - or 3) For Tata Docomo - TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET  or  Tata.Docomo.Internet 4) For Idea - internet Extra Initialisation commands for nokia, you can enter the access points alone in the e i c. for mobiles such as samsung, lava, micromax you have to enter the following commands AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","Accesspoint" enter the appropriate access point by replacing the accesspoint above If you need more settings or access points please leave a query in the comment form

Anna University 7th sem results released

Anna University 7th sem(Credit system) Nov/Dec 2011 Results Goto the following Link You can see your results there Currently the server is busy. But you will get results if you try multiple times Schools9 also released results for grade system & for mark system All the best

Job Fair 2012 - Candidates with backlogs can also apply

Bulls it services - Job Fair 2012 A Campus is going to be held at nandhanam arts & science college in annasalai, chennai. Online registration is compulsory. Those who didn't registered yet can register through this following link process 1) signup 2) logging in 3) upload resume 4) take print out of the generated page 5) pay 100rs on the date of interview thats all                 Name:  Bull’Z Job Fair                  Date:   21/01/2012 and 22/01/2012                  Timing:  09.30 Am to 06.00 Pm ( Registration Starts at 09.30 Am and Closes by 12.00 Pm )                  Venue:  Nandanam Arts College for Men, Nandanam – Anna Salai, Chennai                  Organizers:  Bull Academy & IT Services and Nandanam Arts College Placement Cell                  No of Companies Participating:  30+                  Eligibility :  2010, 2011, 2012 Pass outs   ( Freshers only )                  Qualification:  Any

Proteus VSM Simulator - a boon for engineering students

             I recently came to know about a software called proteus vsm simulator. This simulator is used to preview the output of the circuit by means of simulation. It consists of all of the necessary components in its library. Moreover it supports a wide range of compilers such as mikroc compiler, cc compiler, mplab etc. Consider you want to interface an lcd to a microcontroller or you want to interface a keypad to the microcontroller or you want to interface both lcd and keypad at the same time and verify the circuit is working or not with the given program without any physical designing of the circuit. If you are a beginner like me. It is provided with a lot of working examples such as, lcd, glcd, uart, keypad and etc. I didn't know much about the software but now i am addicted to it. I simulate those examples after modifications and mesmerized. I started to believe that i could also design such a circuitry which costs nothing for creating such circuits and experimenting

Off Campus for 2010, 2011 & 2012 passouts

Hi friends, Here is a off campus going to be held at nandhanam college Details: About Company We Cordially invite you for Bull’Z Job Fair 2012 Job Description   Ø    Name : Bull’Z Job Fair 2012 Ø    Date : 21/01/2012 and 22/01/2012 Ø    Timing : 09.30 Am to 0.7.00 Pm Ø    Organizers : Bull Academy & IT Services and Nandanam Arts & Science     College Placement Division. Ø    No of Companies Participating : 20+ Ø    Qualification : All Graduates Ø    Registration Process : Registration fee of Rs. 100/- will be collected from the candidate for the services offered by us and   to intimate the Job openings in the near future. We do not collect any other amount from the candidate. List of companies coming for the Job Fair: HCL Bserv Magma Fincorp Aditya Birla Yogam BPO SRA Systems SIM Technologies Spider Info media Optimus Global Solutions Reliance Communications Bajaj Capital Fortune Trading Capital Chola Life Insurance Michelin India KGISL Reliance Life