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Kalam - A missile lost in the unknown dimensions of Life. This is not a courtesy post to mourn your loss. We are completely heartbroken. It is a loss of the whole nation. And we are incapable of coping you left us behind. We had never ever even thought about such a thing would happen. There are 5 more years left for your dream come true India. why did you hurry? May be you had enough of appreciations, honours, people who care for you, people who worship you and a complete contented life which is celebrated by the whole nation. But we didn't had enough of you.  We didn't had enough of the thoughts from such a terrible, tireless teacher. We didn't had enough of the visions of such a scientific saint. We didn't had enough of the cosmic leadership and guidance from an undisputed leader of hearts of India. We are all going through this now, Since we had to. We have no other choice than accepting the reality. The desires and dreams of the p