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So you dont get a job yet! Read this

Are you getting tired of searching for job. The following things may/ maynot  happened to you You send/forward your resume to your friends, relatives, H.Rs, MNCs and didn't get any replies yet. You applied for tons and tons of companies via monster, naukri, and didn't get a single response from the companies. You attended for a bunch of job fairs and they told you that they would mail you soon. but they didn't. You are regularly attending walkins and they offering you very less salary or scammed by training cum placement consultancies. At last you went to the companies and industries straight and they told you that you are under qualified or overqualified or experience required. So, what the hell is going on. Just you are the people to decide what to do next? Think about it. Why do you need a professional job? If your answer is Money. Let me ask you a question. Does Job is the only source of income. No, Its definitely not. There are various sources of i