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Sun Music's Hot Seat is a buggy and crappy show

After a big hype on the ad ' Meghala darling ta irundhu seatu kedachachu', Sun music revealed about a new show. It is Sun Music's Song List program. The attractive part of the program is the viewers can request a seat by sending a structured message to a SMS gateway number 58585. Viewers need to type 'HS name' and send it to 58585 before the 5th song. Then they will receive a SMS message consist of a song list of six songs. If those songs in the message matches exactly with songs played on that program. They will receive a gift. Today I also sent a message for getting a  seat to 58585 to participate in the program. The SMS has been charged Rs 3. and I didn't get reply till the third song. After the third song, I received error messages from 58585 that their server can't handle or process my request. The message reads as follows, "<TABLE width=500 border=0 cellspacing=10><TR><TD> <h1>The page cannot be displayed</h1>