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Answer and Questions - A real life Quest

The story is little bit philosophical about life and education. It is better to be advised to read the story before the bed time. Answer and Questions - A real life test The story begins with Gautham.  Gautham is one of the brightest students of the class and he is almost near the completion of his graduation.  Results are out for the recent exam and Gautham is eagerly waiting outside the staffs cabin alone to know his marks. Probably other students are not interested to get busted themselves by asking their marks. Atlast, the Head of the department came outside and congratulated him.  Kannan, the Head of the Department is happy that Gautham made to the top 3 again. Kannan: Yeah man you made it again to the top 3. Keep up the good work for finals also. Gautham: Sure sir, I will Kannan: So, whats the plan. What are you gonna do after the graduation Gautham: Not sure sir. Today's situation is quite confusing. Most of the students i meet a

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Hi all, Yes i understand your sarcastic mind voices buddies. Isnt it about that the passionate blogger(me) who blogs a single post for a few months. isnt it that. yeah its hilarious. I do have a lot of excuses to justify my inability to blog frequently. But instead i just want to admit that my interests towards blogging declined considerably. But from now onwards i would try again to bring back that passion again. So i decided to post some short stories written by me often to fill the gap. Ok lets begin