Answer and Questions - A real life Quest

The story is little bit philosophical about life and education. It is better to be advised to read the story before the bed time.

Answer and Questions - A real life test

The story begins with Gautham. 

Gautham is one of the brightest students of the class and he is almost near the completion of his graduation. 

Results are out for the recent exam and Gautham is eagerly waiting outside the staffs cabin alone to know his marks. Probably other students are not interested to get busted themselves by asking their marks.

Atlast, the Head of the department came outside and congratulated him. 

Kannan, the Head of the Department is happy that Gautham made to the top 3 again.

Kannan: Yeah man you made it again to the top 3. Keep up the good work for finals also.

Gautham: Sure sir, I will

Kannan: So, whats the plan. What are you gonna do after the graduation

Gautham: Not sure sir. Today's situation is quite confusing. Most of the students i meet are jobless or underemployed. So i decided to go for higher studies.

Kannan: Is it so

Gautham: Yes, sir. Vacancies are too low and most of my seniors are still waiting for jobs. Meanwhile i believe that completing higher studies instead of waiting for my job may improve my skills and buy me a huge time to decide.

Kannan: Yeah it seems to be a good decision. But what will you do if the situation gets worse when you complete the higher studies.

Gautham: I hope not so sir

Kannan: Listen Gautham. I am glad that you guys are interested in pursuing higher studies and i am definitely encouraging it. But i don't want you to perceive higher studies as an escape plan as it is not meant to be.

Gautham: What to do sir. It is puzzling me again and again. I keep on asking me a number of question.
What career to choose?
Will it be secure in the long run?
Should i go abroad or do business or whatever
But nothing i am sure of.

Kannan: Well, You are not confused. Actually, You are just thinking in the wrong way.

Gautham: Sorry, I cant understand you sir.

Kannan: Let me explain. What is an exam?

Gautham: It is like a tool to evaluate the capability and amount of knowledge acquired by a student.

Kannan: Yeah, so is the life. Life is also an exam to evaluate your capability and knowledge you acquired from the world. OK now tell me who is asking those questions on the exams.

Gautham: Well that is you staffs.

Kannan: And who is giving the answers.

Gautham: Students. Well, I mean me.

Kannan: Good lets consider your situations and you conclusions. Who asked those questions and who answered those questions.

Gautham: Its both me.

Kannan: Whats the point of evaluation when you are asking and you yourself is answering.

Gautham: Well I don't know whom to ask.

Kannan: Its not about whom Gautham. Its about what you ask.

Gautham: So what is the question should i ask.

Kannan: Again i am telling you its not about the question. Its about what you ask.

Gautham. Errrrrrrr. You are confusing me now.

Kannan: K jokes apart. Let me tell you. Many people think that the quest of life is searching for the answers. But it is not. The real quest of life is searching for the questions. 

Gautham: what questions???????

Kannan: It is about you. So what do you wanted to be.

Gautham: I wanted to become an IAS. But today's competitive exams are more tougher than before. So i am not going to get it.

Kannan: So you wanted to become an IAS.

Gautham: Yes, But it is impossible at the present situation.

Kannan: I didn't ask about the possibility. So, when you are going to start to prepare for it.

Gautham: Not now as it is more competitive nowadays.

Kannan: In that case how much should you prepare for that to beat the competition.

Gautham: It needs a lot of preparation. But i am not interested in putting efforts to it as i know i will surely fail.

Kannan: Then why do you wanted to become an IAS officer in the first place.

Gautham: Because, I wanted to serve my country, I can communicate with real people and can solve their problems. Moreover it is a prestigious job. Not everyone get that job as people who are exceptionally good intellectuals only can become an IAS.

Kannan: Then why you are letting yourself down. why don't you dare not to try it.

Gautham: I got you sir. Now i understood what you are trying to say.

Kannan: Very well.

Gautham: Well, thanks for your advice sir.

Kannan: Hmmmm. Set a goal that is the question. and find the questions to make that goal possible. those questions are the answer. The real quest of life is finding the right questions to make your dream come true. So never ever let you and your dreams down. All the best for your future

Gautham: Sure sir. I will.

Kannan: K, go to the classroom. I will be there for the next class.
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