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Cleaning Up After Flood

This flood had taught me something that the 2015 flood missed.  We are slowed down in getting out of the crisis due to the baggage we hold rather than the actual crisis itself. Looking back now, it is clear to me that all those little possessions I held should have been dropped earlier than now. Memories matter, Materials Don't. No matter how much you are prepared, things are going to get out of hand and there is no point in thinking about the opportunities we missed and ideas that haven't been thought Most importantly, It is time to recollect and reinvent oneself. And I am happy that I have company this time. :)
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India is a third world country

Yes, India is my country and I have no regrets to say that it is a third-world country. It might come off as harsh and disrespectful, but India needs to be put in its place for what it is. This country is masquerading as a regional superpower yet doesn't understand what that even means. The disturbing events happening recently and utter disregard for the poor and middle class are outrageous. While a lot of people of this country come together to support each other, to help each other, to get out of us from this misery in these tough times. There is a handful class of people who have utter disregard for their fellow citizens, businesses, and any rationality. They are going on a rampage to disrespect, bully, and destroy the lives & livelihoods of the poor & middle class under the cover of protection. Our constitution provides us the right to live with dignity and livelihood. Yet these civic servants throw both in the drain and boasting their powers and flexing their muscles o

Are we heading for an economic depression - Part 1

We are in a recession right now. And some of the leading indicators point out a higher probability of more severe economic depression in the near future. Make no mistake. Not all this chaos is caused by the latest coronavirus pandemic. We are already set up on the brink of the collapse. The latest pandemic is just the trigger that exposed the different vulnerabilities in the already over-leveraged economy. Interestingly, there are coincidences in numbers between the struggling economy and coronavirus pandemic. While the coronavirus affected 1 million people worldwide, the recession cost 10 million jobs in the USA just in the past couple of weeks. And none of the world governments have the capacity or clue to save the economy and neither to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We just don't have the tools or the expertise to fix the problems or protect ourselves. We are completely clueless. Yet the governments are moving stimulus packages as if printing the money i

A cute little love story

Three couples celebrating their anniversaries in the very same restaurant each year. When the fortunes are on their favour... Rahul - Here it is darling. I had surfed through several jewelleries to buy these diamond rings. Preethi - Wow these are so beautiful. Ajay - I love you baby Kajal - I love you too baby Naren - How did you manage to hide from my eyes all these years. Thara - Where in the jungle you searched for me all these years. When the wind gets turbulent... Rahul : Have it. I had bought you these expensive gold bangles. Preethi : These are pretty. I like it. Ajay - I love you Kajal - I love you Naren - I hope you bear with me for the rest of my life. Thara - As long as you bear with me :) When the storm hits... Rahul - I bought you this watch. Preethi - Ok. Let's move on. Its already late Ajay - I love you Kajal - Me too Naren : I don't want to burden you Thara : But I want to be a burden on you. Come pick me to home :):) When things went downhill... Rahul - I love

Age of Escapism and An Orwellian Prophecy - Part 1

It seems people are getting blamed for choosing the "blue pill" time and again. When you put that way like in matrix, you never really have a choice. Nobody in the right mind would go for the "red pill" except Neo. The irony is that matrix itself is a "blue pill", crafted to entertain the audience exactly to escape their reality. And its a box office hit. Since the advent of Internet and Social Media, People have grave concerns on how others using them which might affect their love, life and work balance. And they rightly voice out their concerns through Internet and Social Media when and wherever they can. "No Sarcasm There". Whether you like it or not, These things are gonna stay. No matter what. Not just them. Instant Messengers, MMORPGs, or any kind of technological tool or platform that can serve a purpose can out-stand all of those voices as long as the purposes met rightfully. The concern on addiction despite being real ends u

Smile Settai's made a new low with Tube Fest

Smile Settai was one of the prominent Youtube channel in Tamil Nadu. They used to create great content for a while. Nowadays they are neither creating good and frequent content nor respect their fan base. They just propagating themselves in the middle of nowhere. Recently they are conducting more number of events instead of producing content for their viewers. And they are adamant about it. They made a new low with their TUBEFEST event. They asked their fans to like and share their event to get free passes. Despite their fans reaction they couldn't get much shares. Hence they postponed the date. Even after the second deadline they hardly make 200 + shares. And what happened after that was shocking and depressing. My friends told me that they had been done these things to get free passes. As per their contest rules, the total eligible candidates with captions are 180+ only. My friends thought they qualified by default for participating. Since the total count was much less

Can you solve the three gods riddle? - Proposed Answer

I recently landed on a youtube video about this question and intrigued about its uncertainty in detail in every aspect. Hence i thought it would be a challenge to solve it and decided to work on it. For those who dont know about the question can watch this video to know it better. I thought we can exploit the details of the question to workaround and come up with a decent answer to this question. My take is as follows. Condition 1: We can ask only three yes/no questions Condition 2: Each question should be dedicated to only one god. Condition 3: You can ask multiple questions to the same god. Let us choose first god and ask the first question 1) Are you ARR? Repeat the question again and again to confirm it is not ARR. Since you will get different responses for the same question. (Remember, Condition 1 limits the number of questions can be asked but not from the number of times it can be asked.) If the God is ARR, We can skip to the 2nd god, otherwise we can s