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Help help - kapathunga kapathunga

A short story Kapathunga! Kapathunga!       -     sonamutha pochaa Part 1: Arvind is an engineer. He came to know about the present condition of the environment while he was in a vacation. He is shocked after personally witnessing the water in his favourite lake behind his house got disappeared even without a trace. He started to dig more about the seriousness and hazards of environmental problems such as global warming, environment depletion, etc. After studying everything , he saw the nearby apocalypse of the blue planet. So, he took a final decision. He join hands with the his friends and created a volunteers group. They all together wanted to create awareness and take measures to curb the depletion of the environment and to protect mother earth as far as they can. All of them together decided to try various methods of marketing to reach out to the people. After a serious discussion, arvind decided to conduct a rally in the nearby roads. All are agreed with him. The ne