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The Metaphysics meaning, definition, quotes, books, pdfs, etc

Metaphysics It is branch of philosophy which deals with examination of nature of reality. It is concerned about the existence of god, the external world etc. on shorthand the metaphysics is a philosophical study attempts to answer two basic questions what is there? and what is it like?. Definition Metaphysics is a philosophical study which is mainly dealt with the first principles such as being and knowing. In a Brief Metaphysics is study related to philosophy and not science. It has some combinations of spirituality, philosophy, reincarnation, life after death, religion, inbound peace, etc. Although its not only belonged to any religion, it is seen wider existing in almost all the religions. Its full of empirical thoughts that are not or cant be experimentally tested. It deals in providing thoughts for the behavior of nature, lives, universe etc which cannot be fully detailed in science. Its motto is learning through being and knowing. The questions of a meta physicist