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Mitticool Refrigerator - An Indian Invention which runs without electricity

Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati  was born in gujarat. He was a traditional potter and was a popular rural innovator. who is well known for his innovative refrigerator called "Mitticool Refrigerator". Yeah you have been well known about the idea behind this refrigerator. The refrigerator is working without electricity. And its quite cheap as it is the most simplest and efficient form of refrigeration. It can preserve the fruits, eggs etc fresh for more than three days. It is made from a special form of clay and its environment friendly too. It will eliminate the potential environmental and pollution hazards. M.R. Prajapati now holds the patent for the mitticool invention along with several awards. Mitticool was featured in centre for india and global business, Judge business school, university of cambridge. Bosch and siemens hausgerate was shown interest to buy this product. The Forbes magazine listed him the most powerful rural entrepreneur in 2010. Pressure cooker, water