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Are we heading for an economic depression - Part 1

We are in a recession right now. And some of the leading indicators point out a higher probability of more severe economic depression in the near future. Make no mistake. Not all this chaos is caused by the latest coronavirus pandemic. We are already set up on the brink of the collapse. The latest pandemic is just the trigger that exposed the different vulnerabilities in the already over-leveraged economy. Interestingly, there are coincidences in numbers between the struggling economy and coronavirus pandemic. While the coronavirus affected 1 million people worldwide, the recession cost 10 million jobs in the USA just in the past couple of weeks. And none of the world governments have the capacity or clue to save the economy and neither to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We just don't have the tools or the expertise to fix the problems or protect ourselves. We are completely clueless. Yet the governments are moving stimulus packages as if printing the money i