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Self destruction button aka Fast Forward Life button. Let me switch it on

If you are in a happy mood and don't want to ruin the rest of the following minutes, then this post isn't meant for you. If you are feeling that you have lost everything and even the little bit hope to pursue the life. Then let's share this post. Yes, upto this point of my life. I had something that drives me and my life towards something that I wish for. I had a lot and a lot of dreams, aspirations, bla bla bla bla. But in a typical world which compares a football player with a cricket player. You can't expect such bigger dreams and aspirations to sustain without much effort. Because while weighing those dreams with those high packaged salaries. Your dreams won't even equate a single penny. Even though I lost in the salary battle. I had some hope that one day will be mine and i am keen on fighting that I am also worth something and deserve something. So, instead of weighing an empty dream. I want to make it an reality. I wanted to give it a shape.

Again, again and again. Now in Peshawar.

I lost hope. I lost hope completely that I am going to lead a peaceful life in a peaceful world. The world is in mourn everyday. Everyday, Everyday I saw a war against humanity in the name of religion or something. And today it is even worse. It happened against innocent lives those who doesn't even grown up enough to understand this shitty world. What do I call these people who raged such an unbearable or unacceptable firing against those innocent children. Terrorists, cowards, ********************* What do I call those people who supported these nerveless cowards for all these days in the name of religion and today expressing their grieves over the incident happened.  Traitors, Betrayers, Blood leechers, ********************* The guns are always in the wrong hands. The supporters are always backing the wrong cause. And the victims are always the unarmed innocents. I am sorry for Pakistan for the unbearable loss of young bloods happened today in their own soi