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Shooting in Connecticut school, Around 30 people killed including 18-20 children

30 people were killed in Connecticut shooting including 18-20 children and the school principal A 20 year old identified as Ryan Lanza's brother Adam Lanza resident of new jersey opened fire on children who were 5 to 10 year old in Sandy hook elementary school in New town, Connecticut,  United States. Previously Ryan was accused by mistake later his brother Adam lanza is confirmed as the shooter. A total of 30 people injured including 18-20 children, The school's Principal, Psychologist etc. Shooter was killed by the police and 2 handguns were recovered near him.  Victims said that at least 100 rounds were fired by the shooter. he was wearing bullet proof vests and masks while shooting. he was seen armed with more weapons including a 223 caliber.  Moreover the police found a body while searching the shooter's home. U.S media said that the shooter also killed his parents before going to school. Reporters said that he is related to a student in that school and the reaso

Geminid meteor shower 2012 can be seen on DEC 13th and DEC 14th

                                       Geminid meteor shower 2012 is predicted on this month 13th and 14th. NASA reported that Geminid meteor shower are sighted over recent centuries and it was first sighted in 1830s. the name geminid is derived from the constellation Gemini which is roughly located in the night sky near the origin of geminid meteor shower. It is also reported that the geminid's radiant peak would be high at 2 am according to the US Washington time. In 1830's the rate of fall per hour is 20 while in recent decades the rates have increased  between 80 and 120 per hour at its peak on a clear evening. Recently predicted meteor showers failed. But scientists and astronomers believe that this time it would occur for sure. lets hope for a better shower this week.

Romani people were originated from North west india said by researchers

Image source :                                                                 Researchers and biologists found that the origins of Romani people are from north west of India and recent studies maximizes the possibilities. they suggest that a mass population of them migrated from India to Europe 1500 years ago. They conducted a research on 13 of the romani groups residing in Europe and compared the segments of their genome with north west Indians and confirmed the match. the researchers said that they are going to include more Romani groups and more Indian causalities to examine the possibilities of their existence in India  Since the DNA tests are more accurate form of confirmations they believe the fact that most of the romani people are migrated from India and not from European countries though they are waxed with those regions by mixed marriages 900 years ago. "In our study, we do not focus on specific regions of the genome, but on the genome as a whole, w