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India is a third world country

Yes, India is my country and I have no regrets to say that it is a third-world country. It might come off as harsh and disrespectful, but India needs to be put in its place for what it is. This country is masquerading as a regional superpower yet doesn't understand what that even means. The disturbing events happening recently and utter disregard for the poor and middle class are outrageous. While a lot of people of this country come together to support each other, to help each other, to get out of us from this misery in these tough times. There is a handful class of people who have utter disregard for their fellow citizens, businesses, and any rationality. They are going on a rampage to disrespect, bully, and destroy the lives & livelihoods of the poor & middle class under the cover of protection. Our constitution provides us the right to live with dignity and livelihood. Yet these civic servants throw both in the drain and boasting their powers and flexing their muscles o