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Age of Escapism and An Orwellian Prophecy - Part 1

It seems people are getting blamed for choosing the "blue pill" time and again. When you put that way like in matrix, you never really have a choice. Nobody in the right mind would go for the "red pill" except Neo. The irony is that matrix itself is a "blue pill", crafted to entertain the audience exactly to escape their reality. And its a box office hit. Since the advent of Internet and Social Media, People have grave concerns on how others using them which might affect their love, life and work balance. And they rightly voice out their concerns through Internet and Social Media when and wherever they can. "No Sarcasm There". Whether you like it or not, These things are gonna stay. No matter what. Not just them. Instant Messengers, MMORPGs, or any kind of technological tool or platform that can serve a purpose can out-stand all of those voices as long as the purposes met rightfully. The concern on addiction despite being real ends u