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Whatsapp trick : How to log off whatsapp without uninstalling in android

Hi guys, Whatsapp is a wonderful app which let's you message your friends and participate in group conversations. The interesting part that distinguishes whatsapp from other instant messaging platforms like facebook, Google+, etc is its simplicity and less spam community. But the major pitfall is the consumption of your time. You may experience less productivity because of it. It keeps you busy all the time. At first, the express notifications keeps you without missing any interesting part of the conversations happening there. Then the drugging conversations keeps you waiting till you receive a comment or reply. Atlast, your total day is ruined doing nothing but only chatting. As far as now there is no log off option is provided in whatsapp app. Uninstalling the app may be a solution. But it may put your entire friends on whatsapp unable to reach out to you permanently. So, if you are an android user. You can temporarily log off from whatsapp. And can be connec