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26/11 Mumbai attack 4th year anniversary

                                                                                               My deep condolences to all those people who lost their lives and their families on the terrific mumbai attack. Four years back, we had lost our beloved ones to the bullets and bombs fired by  those terrorist groups based in pakistan. Since then we had to bear the unbearable pain of inhuman things happened to us. Its injustice,Its inhuman and its highly intolerable. we didn't made any mistakes but we had to shed innocent's lives. we didn't hurt anybody but we are made to bear that pain. I dont know why these terrorist groups wants to kill innocent people and call themselves courageous. why dont they even dare to fight against an army if they are fight for a holy war. Atlast, I am little bit satisfied by the hanging of Kasab. But hurted a lot when Amnesty international opposed hanging him. Do these human rights commission really cared about human lives or they just cared about pub