26/11 Mumbai attack 4th year anniversary

                                                 My deep condolences to all those people who lost their lives and their families on the terrific mumbai attack. Four years back, we had lost our beloved ones to the bullets and bombs fired by  those terrorist groups based in pakistan. Since then we had to bear the unbearable pain of inhuman things happened to us. Its injustice,Its inhuman and its highly intolerable. we didn't made any mistakes but we had to shed innocent's lives. we didn't hurt anybody but we are made to bear that pain. I dont know why these terrorist groups wants to kill innocent people and call themselves courageous. why dont they even dare to fight against an army if they are fight for a holy war. Atlast, I am little bit satisfied by the hanging of Kasab. But hurted a lot when Amnesty international opposed hanging him. Do these human rights commission really cared about human lives or they just cared about publicity only. I believe that most of the time they support to protect the culprits lives rather than innocent and poor lives.
I wanna ask those human rights commission a few questions.
Do you really care about human beings?
If so what would you really suggest to punish Kasab as you opposing torturing human beings, opposing hanging human beings?
What would you really like to do with a person who is responsible for the death of many lives and jeopardize their entire families?
Can you punish such inhuman, heartless, adamant and evil terrorists without even torturing them?
Do you want us to tell the 26/11 vitims family to forgive kasab and serve him biriyani?
Can you go and talk with those terrorists groups and stop terrorism? will you?
No you'll definitely not. because you are talking just because you are given the right to talk here. Can you enjoy the same before those terrorists?

And Atlast My request to you (Human rights activists) is please differentiate the good and bad ones. kindly support only for the good or innocent ones as they are the true help seekers. you cannot deny this by saying, everybody is human being, human dont have right to kill another human. if so in what right these terrorists killing people. Moreover you had to understand that
"you had to stop the snake trying to kill a dog and not the dog which fight agianst the snake just to survive."
then only innocent lives will survive otherwise only snakes will alone exist.

For me, Human rights commission is to protect the existence of human kind on this earth and shouldn't protect the hazardous inhumans considering them as humans.

Please look around you ,there are plenty of people around the world are in need of you. look after them then only the mankind will respect yours motive.
May the protectors(Policemen, commando) of our country who sacrificed their lives in that battle may live in peace.

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