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Maksim Mrvica - Croatian Rhapsody

The Box office Baasha is Back !!!

After a long sequels of fan-made kabali first looks, here comes the spectacular and official first look of KABALI. Here is the classy and massy one and here is another breathtaking and terrific one The first look alone raised the tempts and expectations of the fans to a new level. And its already trending on all social media. Superstar was stunning and it seems that the old don roars again. Superstar's first look answered the criticisms that rise on the linga controversy. LOL. I doubt that none of the producers who striked would fail to book the movie. Its Rajini's 159th Movie. Wish he crash the box office records again. The shoot seems to be taking 106 days and expected to be released in beginning of next year. Until then the kabali fever continues and more and more gossips to be the source of media. Now Director Pa. Ranjith got a big responsibility to deliver and fulfill the expectations. As the MADRAS director is appreciated for deeper character


Kalam - A missile lost in the unknown dimensions of Life. This is not a courtesy post to mourn your loss. We are completely heartbroken. It is a loss of the whole nation. And we are incapable of coping you left us behind. We had never ever even thought about such a thing would happen. There are 5 more years left for your dream come true India. why did you hurry? May be you had enough of appreciations, honours, people who care for you, people who worship you and a complete contented life which is celebrated by the whole nation. But we didn't had enough of you.  We didn't had enough of the thoughts from such a terrible, tireless teacher. We didn't had enough of the visions of such a scientific saint. We didn't had enough of the cosmic leadership and guidance from an undisputed leader of hearts of India. We are all going through this now, Since we had to. We have no other choice than accepting the reality. The desires and dreams of the p

Another Project Thrown To The DUST

Hmmmmmm Another One Doesn't Matter It costs me a year to draft it on my own. Doesn't Matter I believed i could get some recognition out of it. Doesn't Matter. Just throwing that garbage here. No use in perfecting it anymore. I clearly missed the Ramp. Congratz to Axis Bank Ping Pay Developers Link To The Files

Answer and Questions - A real life Quest

The story is little bit philosophical about life and education. It is better to be advised to read the story before the bed time. Answer and Questions - A real life test The story begins with Gautham.  Gautham is one of the brightest students of the class and he is almost near the completion of his graduation.  Results are out for the recent exam and Gautham is eagerly waiting outside the staffs cabin alone to know his marks. Probably other students are not interested to get busted themselves by asking their marks. Atlast, the Head of the department came outside and congratulated him.  Kannan, the Head of the Department is happy that Gautham made to the top 3 again. Kannan: Yeah man you made it again to the top 3. Keep up the good work for finals also. Gautham: Sure sir, I will Kannan: So, whats the plan. What are you gonna do after the graduation Gautham: Not sure sir. Today's situation is quite confusing. Most of the students i meet a

Back to the beginning

Hi all, Yes i understand your sarcastic mind voices buddies. Isnt it about that the passionate blogger(me) who blogs a single post for a few months. isnt it that. yeah its hilarious. I do have a lot of excuses to justify my inability to blog frequently. But instead i just want to admit that my interests towards blogging declined considerably. But from now onwards i would try again to bring back that passion again. So i decided to post some short stories written by me often to fill the gap. Ok lets begin

Whatsapp trick : How to log off whatsapp without uninstalling in android

Hi guys, Whatsapp is a wonderful app which let's you message your friends and participate in group conversations. The interesting part that distinguishes whatsapp from other instant messaging platforms like facebook, Google+, etc is its simplicity and less spam community. But the major pitfall is the consumption of your time. You may experience less productivity because of it. It keeps you busy all the time. At first, the express notifications keeps you without missing any interesting part of the conversations happening there. Then the drugging conversations keeps you waiting till you receive a comment or reply. Atlast, your total day is ruined doing nothing but only chatting. As far as now there is no log off option is provided in whatsapp app. Uninstalling the app may be a solution. But it may put your entire friends on whatsapp unable to reach out to you permanently. So, if you are an android user. You can temporarily log off from whatsapp. And can be connec