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Be warned. The world is ahead of an economic collapse

Bailouts began, Stock markets slumped down, Countries are in panic. The bubble of bubbles is getting on the edge to burst. This time the effects are evenly felt throughout the countries. No country seems to be safer. First the European Union followed by the US and floored by China. This is how it is expected to unfold in a big scale. Bailouts extended the lifetime of the European Union economy little bit. European Union’s slowdown extends the American economy’s lifetime. China’s foreign reserves helped the Chinese to extend their lifetime. It implies each country’s economy is surviving of the collapse because of the slowdown of the other. But how long? Already the panic catches up in every stock market in the world as the slowdown worried the investors.. Currencies are weakening.  Meanwhile the dead bottom price slump of the crude oil put a nail in the disintegrating economy. The so called super powers (US, Russia) are in midst of an complete turmoil. Ev