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How to interface a 16*4 LCD with PIC18F452 with codes

Over the past week I am puzzled that how to interface a lcd with pic18f452 microcontroller atlast i got it working Softwares Used 1. mikroc for pic pro 2. proteus vsm simulator (demo version) Hardwares Used 1. 16*4 LCD 2. PIC18F452 3. 8Mhz Crystal Oscillator 4. and resistors, capacitors, power supply etc. The Following is the schematic The Following is the working code LCD sbit Lcd_RS at RA0_bit; sbit Lcd_EN at RA2_bit; sbit Lcd_D7 at RB7_bit; sbit Lcd_D6 at RB6_bit; sbit Lcd_D5 at RB5_bit; sbit Lcd_D4 at RB4_bit; sbit Lcd_D3 at RB3_bit; sbit Lcd_D2 at RB2_bit; sbit Lcd_D1 at RB1_bit; sbit Lcd_D0 at RB0_bit; sbit Lcd_RS_Direction at TRISA0_bit; sbit Lcd_EN_Direction at TRISA2_bit; sbit Lcd_D7_Direction at TRISB7_bit; sbit Lcd_D6_Direction at TRISB6_bit; sbit Lcd_D5_Direction at TRISB5_bit; sbit Lcd_D4_Direction at TRISB4_bit; sbit Lcd_D3_Direction at TRISB3_bit; sbit Lcd_D2_Direction at TRISB2_bit; sbit Lcd_D1_Direction at TRISB1_bit; sbit Lcd_D0_Direction at TRISB0

Solar Ahmed came to coimbatore for anti corruption campaign

Ahmed who is fondly called as solar ahmed arrives coimbatore today. Ahmed was a bangalore resident. He joined in the anti corruption movement since Anna Hazare started it. He is an active volunteer in movements such as anti corruption and anti pollution or go green movements. He decided to travel throughout the South India to spread the awareness on corruption and pollution. So he travelling throughout the south india with a solar powered car to demonstrate the need of the green energy. Today he reached coimbatore with the solar powered car and distributed some notices stating Ban Corruption, Ban Pollution. Ahmed says " I am very much comfortable when people call me Solar Ahmed, This idea came to my mind and i said to my friends. They all appreciated me and supported me. The credits should go to my friends and well wishers. thank you.". Solar Ahmed is returning back to Bangalore, Karnataka after visiting salem and other nearby cities.

Chennai Rhinos won the cup in ccl 2

Chennai Rhinos v Karnataka Bulldozers Celebrity Cricket League 2011/12 (Final) Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad on 12th February 2012 (20-over match)                Chennai rhinos won the cup for the second time continually in celebrity cricket league. The game went very funny and lasts long till the last ball of the match. Vikranth made a wonderful tribute to the game. He batted well and helped Chennai to secure a huge score. Shiva bowled well and got two wickets helped to control the Karnataka players. Karnataka players made their best game and lost for 1 run. As expected dhruva played well. But he didn’t lasts long to win the match. Vikranth of Chennai and dhruva of Karnataka got their 50. Atlast man of the match was given to vikrant of Chennai rhinos team. Man of the Match: Vikranth Highlights --> Vikranth 50 in 34 balls with 8 fours and 1 six --> Dhruva 50 in 39 balls with 7 fours --> J Karthik 50 in 42 balls with 3 fours --> Vishnu ret

How to get free sms from facebook

Hi, you can receive Facebook updates via SMS or update your status via SMS. Want to know how. Just follow the steps below. 1) Log in into your Facebook account 2) Click on account and choose account settings. 3) Click the mobile tab which is 4th from left 4) It displays a hyperlink displaying " Register For Facebook Text Messages", Click it. 5)It will ask your country and your mobile carrier. Fill it up and click next to proceed. 6)Then it will ask you to send sms to a number or enter confirmation code sent to your mobile. It is according to your country. Follow the instructions. 7) Thats all you are registered with facebook sms service 8) Share it if you like

Kanchi Pallavan Engg College Students met with accident

   Kanchi Pallavan Engineering College is located near Kanchipuram. Most of the students studying in that college are day scholars. They often used to travel by the college bus to reach the college. Today the college bus from ARCOT picking up more than 30 students met with an accident. Sources said that when the bus crossing a bridge, It losses stability due to poor road conditions. And the sudden braking in that road made the bus out of control. The Bus fell into the near by riverside upside down. According to the reports more than 20 students where severely injured and some of the students are in severe condition., The college authorities admitted the students in Christian Medical College located in Vellore. The Students of the college wish their colleagues to get well soon. College is closed for this entire week. We also pray for them to get well soon.