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A cute little love story

Three couples celebrating their anniversaries in the very same restaurant each year. When the fortunes are on their favour... Rahul - Here it is darling. I had surfed through several jewelleries to buy these diamond rings. Preethi - Wow these are so beautiful. Ajay - I love you baby Kajal - I love you too baby Naren - How did you manage to hide from my eyes all these years. Thara - Where in the jungle you searched for me all these years. When the wind gets turbulent... Rahul : Have it. I had bought you these expensive gold bangles. Preethi : These are pretty. I like it. Ajay - I love you Kajal - I love you Naren - I hope you bear with me for the rest of my life. Thara - As long as you bear with me :) When the storm hits... Rahul - I bought you this watch. Preethi - Ok. Let's move on. Its already late Ajay - I love you Kajal - Me too Naren : I don't want to burden you Thara : But I want to be a burden on you. Come pick me to home :):) When things went downhill... Rahul - I love