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Venus going to pass between Sun and Earth on June 5th to 6th - The Transit of Venus

Venus Transit - 5th june 2012 On June 5,6 2012, The Planet Venus is going to pass between the sun and the earth. Which can be seen from most part of the earth. It will not happen again until 2117( almost until 105 years). The most recent Venus transits are dated as follows december 7,1631 , december 4,1639, june 6,1761, june 3, 1769, december 9, 1874, december 6, 1882, june 8, 2004. NASA is planning to celebrate the event as "Shadows of the Sun" - The Transit of Venus. Since it is an important event in the astronomical history,  People from all aroung the world are eager to watch it. The venus transit is visibe to a protected naked eye. The venus transit time is estimated as 6 hours and 40 minutes by NASA. Many Institutions and organisations arranged events on that special event. Nasa also collaborated to different organisations around the globe to celebrate "Shadows of the Sun" In India,  arranged an event that people from all over

Dedicated , Colocation Server Spaces in Chennai

Hi, Everybody, Now I am going to share some information about dedicated hosting offered in chennai. Different Providers offering different types of hosting plans. If it comes to dedicated hosting, Only a few players are here to help us. I am talking here about the service providers and not about those affiliates. Some of the service providers are 1) VSNL yes the well known internet service proviser VSNL now offering dedicated, shared, colocated services at its chennai premises. 2) Bharti Airtel India's No 1 Telecom operator Airtel now offering cloud, dedicated, colocated services in chennai. 3) Reliance Reliance communications now partners with other companies and offering all the type of hosting services according to the business needs. Its provide its services in chennai also. 4) Others are such as netmagic solutions, net4 etc. But they are providing limited services. Unfortunately BSNL is not providing these services in chennai. but they provide these servic

IPL Players, Actresses arrested for taking drugs

2 IPL players and cinema actressess have been arrested. more than 60 youths were arrested in a hotel. Police says they are arrested followed by a complaint and then found some of them taken drugs, actresses and ipl players are undergone for tests to find out whether they consumed drugs or not. 

Free Electronic Product Samples / Components For India

Texas Instruments offering samples in a wide area of electronics. They provide you products such semiconductors, ic's, sensors, microprocessors, microcontrollers, etc. Most of them can be brand new and introductory items to the entire world. If you are an entusiasist in electronics, student doing innovative project, industry implementing new technologies. You are the right person to get those samples for absolutely free. All you need to do is 1) go to their website 2) Signup for an account in my.ti (It is recommended to give proper shipping addresses with real , full name with initials in order to receive the samples without any conflicts.) 3) Browse various products using their simple and customized search. 4) Add those free samples you require or love to try. 5) Then submit the cart. fill up once again. if it is prompted for confirmation or address. simply accept and give the shipping address. Thats all you will get those samples delivered to you within