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A short story

Kapathunga! Kapathunga!

      -     sonamutha pochaa

Part 1:

Arvind is an engineer. He came to know about the present condition of the environment while he was in a vacation.

He is shocked after personally witnessing the water in his favourite lake behind his house got disappeared even without a trace.

He started to dig more about the seriousness and hazards of environmental problems such as global warming, environment depletion, etc.
After studying everything , he saw the nearby apocalypse of the blue planet.

So, he took a final decision.

He join hands with the his friends and created a volunteers group.

They all together wanted to create awareness and take measures to curb the depletion of the environment and to protect mother earth as far as they can.

All of them together decided to try various methods of marketing to reach out to the people.

After a serious discussion, arvind decided to conduct a rally in the nearby roads. All are agreed with him.

The next morning, they organised and conducted a rally. People was in a hurry to their offices and nobody even watches them. 

So Kiruba, a friend of arvind suggested him to give it a try one more time at the evening as the offices will be closed at that time. Arvind accepted it and decided to go with him.

Then, they organised a rally in the evening. This time people started yelling at them and cursing them as nuisance as the people are in a hurry to their homes.

Both Arvind and Kiruba got discouraged by this act of people.

One of the man in the moving crowd stopped near by them and suggested them to try a rally in the noon as nobody will be in hurry that time. Everybody got excited by this word from an unknown man and considered it as their first step of success.

The next day a rally was conducted at 1 o clock while the sun burns the most. Nobody were in the roads. Some people are seen near the window seats of the buses. But they are also of no use as they had been sleeping deeply. Probably the effect of their lunch.
So the volunteers group dropped the rally idea.

Then kiruba suggested arvind to organise a meeting. Kishma, a friend of both of them, came forward to volunteer a speech about the environmental issues. As the group got considerable faith in kishma's oration skills, all are agreed. The next day, they organised a meeting in an empty ground nearby a highly crowd able region. Nobody came to participate in the meeting except the volunteers. Yet kishma continued speaking via mic as she believed that it may be heard by some people and it may also attract those people towards them.

After started to hearing her speech,
Some of the people waited in the bus stop plugged in their headsets and started listening to songs,
some other people have been busy on their daily chats,
some people thinking or dreaming about their future lives.
Suddenly, one person removed his headphone after started to hearing her talk.
Yes of course, he removed his hearing aid to avoid hearing her further. All of the people consider the volunteer group as a nuisance.
So the second attempt became another failure.

This time, Selva and Arun, school mates of arvind suggested flyers as marketing and volunteered on their own. 

Kiruba said "let's try it".

So Arun and Selva printed 3000 flyers and gone to the nearby market to distribute them.

Both stood up near both entrances of the market and started distributing their flyers supporting their cause.

Arun and selva got excited as they distributed 1000 flyers each within an hour. Both wanted to share their excitement and move towards each other. In their way they saw their flyers on the pathway of the market. To add a stitch in the burn, more than tens and thousands of footstep impressions made on those flyers.

Both of them thrown out the remaining flyers and approached the group.

The group turned down.

Swetha, nicknamed as encyclopedia, mastermind of the group suggest the group to try the social networking sites such as Facebook.

So Sabitha, a volunteer and friend of Swetha posted some messages regarding the protection of environment.

The messages got more than twenty likes within few minutes. Of course they are made by the volunteers. After a week from that, no likes or activity is gone on those messages or pages. So the messages and pages are officially announced as dead.

Raja from Dubai, joined them and gives some hope to the group.

Raja began directly approaching his Facebook friends to spread the cause.

First he contacted his best friend Shivashankari, shortly called as Shiva and told her about the cause via Facebook chat. She appreciated him for his cause and efforts put forth by him. He was too motivated and shared all of the statistics and reports about the current situation of environment to her. In the other end, Shiva left that chat half an hour before and seriously busy on chatting in her college chatroom about the vijay's upcoming film. Since raja didn't get a single reply from her, He understands what would have happened and logout from his facebook account.

The volunteer group almost lost their interest. As a last breath of try, they gathered some money and put an advertisement on Sunmusic and ensured that the ad must be shown immediately after the end of the show. So, people wont miss it.

When the ad was shown in the channel. People tuned their TV to Isaiaruvi and continued to enjoying music.

.............To be continued(Part 2)

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