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Sachin's 100th 100

Atlast Sachin scored his hundreth hundred. The most expected thing of the indian hearts atlast occured against Bangladesh. Sachin scored a total of 51 hundreds in test and 49 hundreds in ODIs. People from all over india thanked and congratulated him for his achievement. The first person to congratulate him was the prime minister of india - Mr manmohan singh. Most of the indian actors, actresses and celebrities wished him. India's well known celebrity Amitabh Bachan said that here after india will breath normally.

Sachin said " no one is talked about the 99th hundred and the 100th hundred is a media creation andso i am not bothered about that."

The 38 old cricketer begun his career from 1989. Since the beginning of his career sachin dared to do things that others afraid to. He made almost all type of records in cricket. Some people criticises sachin for not scoring the ton of ton. But they dont realise that though sachin didn't bring hundreds in the past year. he made an average to good runs. People have to understand that sachin has the sole rights to retire at any time as he deserved that thing. Moreover people suggesting sachin to retire for giving chance to young cricketers must realise that sachin didn't asked anybody to retire to get a chance to play. he expressed the best cricket and got a chance to play in international cricket.

Now the sachin fans look onto the 50th ODI hundred by sachin. Yes it will be soon


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